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What Are Sacred Soul Sessions?

Think of these 60-minute sessions like an expansion pack! Once you have an initial session with your Records and myself, this is a great way to follow up or keep the magic going!


Sacred Soul Sessions are a deeper dive inward to uncover, unwind, repair, and empower you.


This is not traditional therapy; however, therapeutic techniques combined with specific guidance from your Record Keepers allow you to align the mind, body, soul, and spirit in a truly organic, positive, mindful, and healing way.

Our hope is that you walk away from your sessions feeling: ​

  • Loved. 

  • The power of being present.

  • Able to process and manage your thoughts without overwhelm.

  • Connected in with your inner wisdom/intuition.

  • Ready to take future steps more easily.

  • Comfortable with change, and equipped to adapt as needed.

  • Confident about who you are and what you are here to do.

  • Free to speak, love, and live your life with purpose.

The Offerings:

Individual Follow-Up Session:








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