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  • Tera Barnes

You Are Golden Baby! Monday, March, 15th, 2021.

I saw this quote and it really touched my heart. Part of the reason I began my spiritual journey was because I felt damaged, broken, lost, angry...all. the. things.

I went inward with the plan of hiding completely. I had perfected to art of self-preservation, and reached my final shut down point. What I found however, was the glimmer of life. I found the doorway to forgiveness as well as acceptance. But it was to begin with me first. I will be honest that at the time I felt that forgiving myself seemed ridiculous, as I saw myself as the victim of many things, and I was. As I let Spirt show me aspects of my life in question, I saw that there were things that I would have missed had I not experienced the darker stops along the way. Forgiveness looked a lot more like acceptance and what came through was that, although shitty things happen, you are not defined by those things. Pick yourself up. Show yourself love where it has been overlooked and neglected, and keep going. You have so much more to receive and offer, but you cannot do it hiding in the darkness. Little by little the broken pieces began to mend. The missing parts finding their way back to fill the voids.

Spirit held me while I went deep and retrieved my soul. My team never failing to show me that I shine like gold even in my vulnerable and darkest of times. While I can't say I am entirely 'whole', I do feel that I am a better version of me. Lessons unfold each day. Love and Grace heals. Faith provides.

If this quote resonates with you, keep going. Even when it's difficult, unclear, or dark. Know that you too are held by Spirit, and that your soul still, and will forever, continue to shine like gold no matter the journey you have been on.

Love you.

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