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  • Tera Barnes

Working With The Fae. April 9th, 2021.

My beautiful friend messaged me for a follow-up from her last session. In it, her Records had brought forward her relationship with the Fae. Yes, the Fae! Now, if you have heard anything about them, it's not to mess with, EVER! With that understanding, there was hesitation in working with them! So, into her Records, we went!

What came forward was she needed to toughen up a bit! Get thicker skin! The Fae make no excuses for who they are, and neither should she! A reminder I think we all could use now and again!

What we learned about the Fae is the reason they get a bit angry is that Humans have torn down their homes, poisoned their lands, and dismissed them as though they didn't exist, yet we turn around and dress ourselves and our children up like them. They feel a bit slighted that their uniqueness is used for profit and even attributed how they have been treated throughout history to what we experience as racial injustices. So, if they are less than eager to help us out, that is why!

However, they noted that they are really great at reading energy signatures and shared that auric fields can tell them a great deal about humans. They know a good seed when they see one! So, why were they hanging around? Well, they explained that the Fae work alongside children who astral travel! They act as guardians in the liminal spaces. In her daughter's case, they were working with the Unicorns to do a little soul retrieval work as well. They just needed mom's permission to go deeper as they could only do so much before free will comes into play.

The Fae, along with her daughter's Record Keepers, worked together to provide mom with clarity and her daughter with healing. It was a really cool experience! I learned so much!

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