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  • Tera Barnes

Waking The Witch Within. April 6th, 2021.

For the past couple of days, I have asked my Record Keepers what they wanted to discuss. I kept dismissing the answer because it's a topic that's still a bit stingy! But here I am anyway!

I grew up in a very Christian home. We did all the things good God-fearing people do. But for me, personally, it never quite felt right. I did, however, appreciate the idea around something greater than myself, Angels, & the power of prayer. So I kept those aspects.

As part of my spiritual evolution, I have unraveled much of the religious conditioning passed on from childhood. Sunday, I had the opportunity to share with my father who I am & what I do. I don't speak to him about my life as we are estranged. I keep it very simple the few times we talk, really out of self-preservation. As expected, it didn't go well. I was lashed repeatedly with passive-aggressive comments, biblical passages, & backhanded I love yous.

As I read his poison pen letter, I could feel the energy of the witch & the healer I once was, join hands with the woman I am today in strength & power. I could feel them holding me as I rooted myself in my truth & spoke it out loud.

I will not be false, live in fear, or alter myself to make another comfortable any longer, especially for those that call themselves my family. Blood doesn't make you family & it sure as shit doesn't give you the right to throw condemnation at me with the expectation I'm going to quietly take it! I'm not a child. You don't have that power over me anymore...

At that moment, I vindicated the past lives I lost because of men like my father- threatened by a woman with a mind. The flames that once engulfed me now freed & renewed me.

I'd be lying if I said this was easy to sit with! But now that the rotting roots have been removed, I can begin the real healing and live in greater authenticity. That, my friends, feels so damn good! Xo.

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