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  • Tera Barnes

The Attitude Of Gratitude. April 16th, 2021.

For the past few months or so, I have been working with gratitude. This has always seemed like such a basic concept. In my mind, however, gratitude was like when you receive something or when someone is kind to you. I never really thought about gratitude as more than a thank you! But it IS so much more. Here's what my Record Keepers shared with me about it:

"Gratitude is the language of the universe.

Gratitude can be experienced in all things. The flowers thank the rain by absorbing the nutrients activated within the damp soil. The birds thank the roots for disturbing the worms causing them to come to the surface. Leaf buds thank the sun for warming the branches, causing them to uncurl. Everything responds to something else by positive action. Even if unspoken.

For you, gratitude comes in the way of seeing, of acknowledging the simple processes that make big differences. Your thankfulness moves into gratitude as you see the unification of one thing feeding another and its seamless inner workings.

Gratitude shifts the mind to center with the heart, therefore, allowing that emergence of energetic exchange back out to the universe, causing it to speak back in love and miracles."

I thought that was a pretty interesting answer! The universe wants to speak to me in love and miracles? Ummm...yes, please! I am learning to express gratitude for my experiences throughout the day. No matter their simplicity. I find that in our haste, we sometimes miss the finer details of the greater picture. So, practicing mindfulness around being present has helped me to appreciate the beautiful creations around me, which in turn allows me to show my gratitude for having them grace my day and making me smile.

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