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  • Tera Barnes

Past Life Replay. Saturday, March 20th, 2021.

A client came to me for an Akashic Records Session, because she was feeling some insecurities. Honestly, she wasn't quite sure why! Her life was good, things were happy, she was getting married, and just bought her first house! But she couldn't shake this indescribable feeling of loss and having to start over. So, into her Records we went!

What came forward was a turn of the century life where she was quite wealthy thanks to a boom in coal mining. Although this life was quite lavish, she and her husband lived a very transient life. They were never in a place for more than a few years, and once the mines were dry, they would literally tear down their home, put it, as well as all their belongings into wagons and make the journey to find more coal. It could be days or even months of traveling. Recreating herself time and time again took a heavy toll on her.

In this present life, she was at the point of establishing roots. The feelings she was experiencing were stemming from this past life, and she was feeling that instability, fear, and unsureness once again, as if her past life emotions were on replay. She had also shared that she moved around a lot when she was young. So, we could see that this was a continued energy pattern.

Her Records had us do some work around removing some past as well as present genetic encoding to reset this space, and begin to fill it with healing and higher vibrational energy that she could use to make her current life transitions feel more secure.

Through the Records we can find clarity, even if it's just pinpointing unexplained feelings. They meet us where we are, and give us what we need to move toward inner peace.


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