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  • Tera Barnes

Keeping It Simple. April 2nd, 2021.

I had the most beautiful Akashic Records clients last month. Each with their own unique stories, both past, and present. What I noticed were a couple of themes that came up. They are both honestly things we have all thought about at one time or another! They were, "Am I on the right path?" & "I know I'm meant to do great things...But where do I start?"

What came up as a reply was, "What do YOU want to do? What brings YOU joy?" I can 110% understand that this return of the asked question can be really frustrating! I mean, you wouldn't be sitting here if you knew, right?! But the truth is, you DO know. We have just been so conditioned to not ask for what we want out of fear that we will sound greedy, or we do ask, but it's superficial out of the same fear.

My sweet darlings, ask. Ask for what you truly desire. The Universe is not withholding from you. Nor does it want to! When you speak your heart outwardly, do so from a place of love and openness. Then...get out of the way. We put so many constraints, deadlines, fine print, addendums, and expectations around what we want instead of letting things just come as they are meant to.

The Records shared that there is nothing wrong with wanting. But remember that what you WANT and what you NEED may look different. That's why being open is important for this process.

Regarding where to start...they replied with, "Just begin!" Doesn't matter where. Why? Because this is part of creation. This is the point of feeling into who you are and how to express that. The HOW isn't important right now. That comes later. If you are like me and have 10,000 ideas swirling around in your head, pick the one that comes up the most. Investigate that. Play around with it. See yourself living in that energy. Go from there—one step at a time. Don't make it harder than it needs to be. Keep it simple. And have fun!!

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