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  • Tera Barnes

It Felt Like Home. Thursday, March 18th, 2021.

Have you ever seen or visited a place that woke up a remembering inside you? I did. I was watching a documentary about Egypt. The host took us on a tour of Karnak Temple, which is a massive Temple complex built between 2200 and 360 BC by different Pharaohs such as Hatshepsut, Seti I, Ramses II and Ramses III.

As he walked through each section, I grew more and more upset, until I had a full-blown anxiety attack. I didn't understand why; I'm literally just sitting on the couch! But what I felt deep within was sadness and anger.

Later, by suggestion of my guide, I was to go into a meditation with the intention of understanding why I had such a reaction. What was shown to me was a life I had in Egypt. I was a Priestess of sorts and caretaker to this Temple. It was my home, and I spent a good portion of my life there. It's where I fell in love, celebrated, mourned, learned and practiced healing medicines and modalities, learned astrology, experienced animals and plant life from all corners of the world that the Pharaohs brought in, and so much more.

Through the eyes of the woman I was, I remembered the place that had held so much joy, to now seeing it laying in ruin and disrepair. The stories lost. The beautiful art destroyed. The sacredness forgotten. It broke my heart...

My friends, we all have had lives that touched us in such deep ways that they stay with us for lifetimes. It's why you can't explain why you react or resonate deeply with something-you just do. Just think of this as a connection to your soul’s journey. I encourage you to dig deeper. Reconnect with the threads of time within you, and learn your stories. Trust me, you are fascinating!


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