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  • Tera Barnes

Guidance From Jiminy Cricket? April 8th, 2021.

Before my kids get up, I sit with my guide(s) and open my Records in the mornings. I ask about the day, what I need to know, how I can be of service, and then ask about you guys! Today, my Record Keepers threw this quote into my mind's eye and asked me to share about our dreams and desires. This is what they said,

"Your dreams, for starters, are where inspirations happen-that spark of intuition, the feeling of excitement, the seeing of yourself in the doing—the joy of something heartfelt and heart-led.

Your desire comes in to make it so—the yearning to create this special 'thing'—this reflection of you.

Sometimes you get lost or dissuaded by the idea that it's too outlandish-but is it? Is it really? The answer is no. Your ego mind will try to rationalize the feeling, and this is where most dreams die. There are things that have no business being rationalized. Like this quote we presented, no-thing is too extreme. Make your way back to feeling into what presents itself to you. Reengage with your heart. You can't go wrong when you begin there first."

I found it funny that they brought forward a quote from Pinocchio. I never really cared for that movie, but I loved Jiminy Cricket! He is the equivalent to how our spirit guides work! Always there to help, share pearls of wisdom, and always remind that you are always supported in whatever choice you choose. Xo.


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