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Creativity: A Fresh Outlook. Friday, March, 19th, 2021.

I am a recovering perfectionist. I had/have (depending on the day) this unhealthy fear of failing or getting things wrong and worrying what people would think of me. So, most everything I do is done, redone, and done again. It's a bit stressful I'm not going to lie. LOL.

So, naturally when I started working with Spirit in a professional context, this was a huuuuuge block for me. I wanted to be right all the time. I mean after all, calling myself a Medium comes with the expectation that I'm going to be bang on all the time (for the's not going to happen!).

I was in an Akashic Records workshop earlier this month and we worked on creativity. We were asked these questions:

*What does creativity mean to me?

*How am I creative?

*What may I know about limiting beliefs and judgments I hold around creativity?

I will tell you these were extremely hard to answer, and I gave some crappy ass text book answers. I don't see myself as a creative person. I can't paint, draw, sculpt...all the things I associate with creativity. What I learned was, that in being creative, there are no rules. It's like coloring as a kid. They don't care that they scribble outside the lines or that they make trees purple and silver. They aren't sitting there worrying about getting it wrong or what people will think. They just go for it!

This, the Records shared, was how I was to think of my work, and extend that even into the mundane. Pre-judgment and expectations kill the experience. Just be...

I invite you to sit with those 3 questions as well. See what comes up for you!


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