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  • Tera Barnes

A Pirates Tale. March 23rd, 2021.

Recently, I had an Akashic Records client who wanted some guidance around her business. While her business is successful, she feared that she was a bit of a pushover by giving too much away for free, & was struggling to say, "No". So, into her Records we went!

What her Records brought forward was her life as a well to do French Sea Merchant. He was confident, well known, loved luxury, & had money to spare. Those who worked at the ports would run into the local taverns & lodgings to announce his arrival as though he was Royalty! He had an air about him of course, but the truth was he was a Privateer & a Pirate! He dealt primarily in ammunition exportation, which paid handsomely, so this made it a great cover for his love of treasure & debauchery! While he was a shrewd business man, & carried himself well at court, at sea he was ruthless & cut throat. He didn't ask for things, he took them. There were no boundaries. No rules...

So, this over kindness she's held in this present life is a do over for her. Her Pirating life came forward as a reminder that you can be a good human & help people, but you need to establish boundaries & rules as well. This doesn't make you ruthless or unkind. It's just good business practice.

What was really cool was after our session closed, she brought out a little chest, opened it up, & started pulling out old Spanish & English coins, compasses, maps, & all things nautical!! She said, "This makes so much sense! I have loved Pirates & anything related to that era for as long as I can remember! I mean, who doesn't love treasure & Pirates! But to know I WAS one, blows my mind, & I love it even more!"

It never ceases to amaze me the stories I get the privilege of sharing through the Akashic Records, & how they can relate to areas of our lives now. Forever in awe.


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