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akashic records

"There's Something Inside Me. 

It's Always Been There. But Now It's Awake..."

~Rey: The Last Jedi

Before we come to be in our human bodies, we are Universal energy. Spirits if you will. When we are chosen to come Earthbound, we sign a Soul Contract. This contract is our job, our duty on this Earth for as long as we live. But sometimes we get distracted as we progress in life. We lose sight of what we came here to do. 

I know I did! 


I have always been in the business of providing service to others, whether it be working in a hospital setting or documenting people's lives through photography. While I found joy in truly helping others, gaining invaluable knowledge, creating memories (that I carry with me always), and sharing stories, there was still something missing.

With some deep soul searching, I made the choice to cultivate my connection with Spirit, and began to use the spiritual abilities I had suppressed for many years. By integrating daily meditation practices, I began to once again hear the call to help others…this time, it was in a way that was more aligned with who I am on a Soul level. 

By working with the Akashic Records, my Spirit Guides, and good ol' conversation, I am able to help others build a solid foundation of self-confidence and self-empowerment to make choices in their lives which allow them to truly step into their power, and live their authentic truth. This is spiritual intuitive coaching at its best!


I am so grateful to have the opportunity to tap into the side of me that I have always wanted to share outwardly... 

To march to the beat of a different drum... 

To be witchy... 

To be Spiritual... 

To live my life truly and wholeheartedly guided by Spirit, the Stars, the Moon, and all that the Universe encompasses... 

To use the abilities that I was granted to their full potential...

To serve others from a different perspective, in a way that makes my heart and Soul happy... 

To finally live up to my Soul Contracts terms, and go forth into the world with a legion of light behind me. 

I love what I do, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Warmest wishes,


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